Who is hebe tian dating


If you’re observant enough, you would have noticed that JJ usually sports his signature fringe in most/ all of his pictures posted online.

Like some girls without their long luscious locks, JJ feels unconfident without his fringe.

Instead of using her hands, Hebe directly used her mouth to pick up the popcorn. (besides AC/DC of course) I just realized Hebe and i have the same haircut - but i have bangs - ish Love Ella, Selina, and Hebe A lot of those celebrities are gay but they try to hide it well. he himself confirmed it while at the press conference for the release of his new album. Just a publicity thing to keep his image squeaky clean and fend off the gay rumors. though she might look lesbian who are you to judge her so easily?!

Apart from watching a movie, Hebe and Ruo Han were also seen having dinner together. Still, even if it is true, which I need to hear from Hebe's own mouth first, why think it's a bad thing? i always thought Hebe was a lesbian, im okay with that but thats not gonna take away from the fact that she is from the best band ever S. Anyone who sees and hears that man can see he screams GAY. Any woman who is married to him must be a desperate money hound or she is part of an arranged arranged marriage to help him out.

With her packed schedule, Hebe shared that she will not be able to attend Ella’s engagement banquet in Pingtung on Apr 15.

However, she will be attending the engagement ceremony which will be held on Apr 22.

The singer was previously seen behaving intimately with a female friend. and if she really is a lesbian does that really affects her singing career? maybe it's like dirty to think it that way but many gays and lesbians are kind-hearted. (IM NOT LOOKING FOR WAR HERE JUST CLEARLY STATING MY OPINION) Oh please, behaving intimately with a person of the same gender doesn't mean you're homosexual! if that's the case, i'm so judging you right you're going to respect someone, you respect them for who they are, and not because they are 'different'.

Ruo Han was wearing a checkered shirt and cap, while Hebe was clothed fully in black. I act inappropriate around my friends all the time, but I'm not about to become lesbian.

In the mean time, thank you very much for visiting and it would be great to help us spread a word. Three shows of "To Hebe Concert" ended and Hebe Tien celebrated the good show last night.

Now we know star power does not necessarily equate to confidence. JJ might have made it big, but he has certainly not forgotten to stay humble and down-to-earth.

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Last week (20 Nov), JJ Lin was out shopping when he heard a busker perform his song “River South”. Although he is popularly known as JJ Lin – his stage name derived from his Hanyu Pinyin name Lin Junjie – family and friends address him as Wayne. The Taiwan-based singer might have been away from home for a long period of time, but he has constantly been missing his family.

He then surprised the busker by singing a duet with him, and a clip of this performance went viral online, attracting over 4.6million views. At At the same concert, JJ reminisced about his time in Singapore.

With his charisma, it seems like the musician would have no problems finding a wife – during his concert, fans were heard declaring their love for the singer more than once, with some even expressing their interest in bearing him children.

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