Who is josh hutcherson dating 2016 shrimp dating definition


That can’t have been fun for Hutcherson who was trying to concentrate on his scenes portraying Nathan Winer, the main character of the 1940s era flick based on the popular William Gay novel.also stars James Franco, who’s acting as well as directing, plus Josh Hartnett and Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor.Claudia seemed to be very upset while the pair headed back to Josh’s trailer.

Josh Hutcherson looked tense as Claudia Traisac went off at him, waving her arms and looking hysterical as they walked from the set out to his trailer.

, is a constant set presence plaguing Josh with arguments that could be distracting him from his role on the film and putting his career at risk.

The duo met back in 2013 when they shot the Escobar flick and were making their relationship work long-distance while both tackled other projects.

But with Josh Hutcherson’s career rocketing, it looks like the Spanish actress has moved in with Hutcherson in LA and now their up-close relationship isn’t working out as well as the long-distance version of their love.

The two were seen sharing some smiles as they left their home to head to the set, but once on set, Claudia Traisac could clearly be seen ranting at Josh Hutcherson and tearful before they went into his trailer for the James Franco-directed film.

Also starring in the film is Courtney Love – yet we’ve seen no photos of her storming around set – when you’re worse than Courtney Love on a movie stage, that’s saying something…

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