Who is kathy griffin dating 2016

Don't worry, I'm not stalking you." He wedged himself right next to me on the sofa, and I was like, "OK, he gets it.

That's cool." And I was in the middle of busting this [other] guy's balls because, as you know, that's my thing.

That night, Garry was maybe the funniest I've ever seen him. This is the older Garry; this isn't swinging '70s Garry, right?

I was like, "OK, something's up." The next time I saw Garry, it was at an HBO Emmy party.

It was just touching to me." So when I think about Garry, I think about him as a friend and a comedian and a mentor and a mensch.

Apparently the squabbling has been going on for over a year due to the Mezgers' continued excessive noise.According to Kathy, Mezger told her he pays off the Homeowners Association "so they look the other way" because he's "top dog" in the neighborhood.At one point, the docs say, the Mezgers even threw garbage onto Tags: celebrity feuds, icky icky poo, jeffrey mezger, kathy griffin, kb home, legal matters, randy bick, scary! As we previously reported, the comedienne's neighbor Jeffrey Mezger (you know, the CEO for KB Home) launched all sorts of obscenities about the funny lady to her longtime boyfriend, Randy Bick.I pick a handsome, powerful man and just really at random bust his balls.[That guy was Shandling's ex-manager Brad Grey, whom he had sued in a 0 million conflict-of-interest suit in 1998.] Then Garry starts, and as long as I've known Garry, there are times when he feels like being really, really on, and there are times when he doesn't.And he said, "You don't know how much that night meant to me because that was the first time I'd seen Brad Grey since the lawsuit." And I went, "Oh, shit!

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