Who is kelly from destiny childs dating


Destiny's Child were now indisputable superstars, among the biggest female pop groups, and they quickly began work on a new album to capitalize on their success.

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A war of words followed in the press; meanwhile, Destiny's Child became a pop-cultural phenomenon.

Buoyed by the group's breakout success, two of its original members, Letoya Luckett and La Tavia Roberson, attempted to split with manager Mathew Knowles, charging that he kept a disproportionate share of the band's profits, attempted to exert too much control, and unfairly favored his daughter and niece.

While they never intended to leave the group, relations naturally grew strained, and when the video for 'Say My Name' premiered in February 2000, many fans (not to mention Roberson and Luckett) were surprised to find two new members — Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin — joining Knowles and Rowland.

Destiny's Child released their self-titled debut album to mixed reviews on February 17, 1998.

The album's first single, 'No, No, No' featured two completely different versions of the same song.

Now reduced to a trio, Destiny's Child was tapped to record the theme song for the film version of Charlie's Angels; released as a single in October, 'Independent Women, Pt.

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