Who is lil boosie dating


American rapper Lil Boosie also known as Boosie Badazz whose net worth is million.

Born as Torrence Hatch in 1982, he is currently married, however now dating.

Torrence “Boosie” Hatch wife Walnita Decuir wrote a new book titled “When The Music Stops”.

The book seems to be loosely based on events in her life.

The characters have made-up names but you don’t have to be a detective to piece two and two together.

The news of him dating Deiondra isn’t exactly “new”, Deiondra has been hinting at it for a while, and word on some curbs have it that Deiondra and Boosie secretly share a child together. Boosie allegedly left Walnita when she smuggled drugs into jail for him, he got caught, and she made a statement that ended up landing him 18 more months.

You can see everything Chainz said about Tune after the jump below!

He is known well for his many studio albums as well as for many compilations and mix-tapes.This Boosie Badazz from the years 2009 to 2014 was in Penitentiary of Louisiana State as he was found guilty of drugs.The date March 5th in 2014 is very important as on this day he was released.The main character’s name is Sherell Devore and she’s been dating a rapper by the name of Baisean “Bae” Torrei since she was 14.She talks about her life dating a man who was the biggest entertainer in their city of Baton Rouge, having to deal with a lot of jealousy and hate, going to jail for him and eventually facing the the ultimate betrayal — When her husband “Bae” leaves her for Gianna Anderson (Deiondra Sanders),daughter of NFL star Gene Anderson (Deion Sanders).In the year 1996 this Boosie Badazz was just 14 and at that time he joined the group Concentration Camp.

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