Who is mike bibby dating

they let me get wound up, over 11k the company was turning over 1/2 a mill plus.then they sent the boys in who have turn my company from profit to debt with their charges.I am nearly bankrupt and they are entirely to blame.Even after we broke off our relationship, they kept cashing checks from clients and didn't even tell us. No matter what, do not do business with Bibby Financial Services'....

They introduced me to Bibbys, who as you know the great story they tell.--------------------------------------------------- “An invoice finance broker ‘they have created havoc among their clients.They are trigger happy to appoint administrators so that they can gorge themselves on surpluses in customer sales ledgers using aggressive clauses'.'Bibby has seen its profits fall by 35pc after experiencing "difficult issues ...One of their many tricks to do this was to say that our clients were not good credit risks.Once of those was a major British corporation, upon which Bibby placed a credit ceiling of £10,000 when Lloyds bank rated them worthy of £1,000,000 '.I was in my best year business wise, turnover was well up and with the most profit in the company.

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