Who is naomie harris dating 2016


Nearly halted because of a work visa issue and her promo tour for "Spectre," a determined Harris worked closely with a voice coach via Skype to lose her delightful, ripe accent.“Barry [Jenkins] would send me voice recordings of the kind of accent that he wanted,” the diligent stage and screen actress said seated to the right of actor Trevante Rhodes, who portrays the adult version of her isolated, hypermasculine son, Chiron, “because he wanted something very specific.I just mimicked it until it became second nature to me.”RELATED: Tarell Alvin Mc Craney: The Man Who Lived 'Moonlight'Harris, a graduate of Cambridge University, was only on set of the three-act, 110-minute feature three consecutive days to shoot all of her scenes.You have to find a way to fall in love with this person, to know what makes them tick and to know what makes them unique.”“That’s a process of understanding yourself,” Harris adds. We are all trying to escape our pain in very different ways.

But in speaking to Barry who told me Paula was based on his mother and Tarrell’s mother I realized he had an vested interest knowing she was a three dimensional character with full humanity.When the tear-jerking drama premiered earlier this year at Telluride Film Festival, it receives a standing ovation inside and outside of the theater.One young black female audience member starts sobbing in Harris’ arms.I’m not very good with technology or just staying on top of relationships and I kind of take for granted that people will always be there. Now, all of my friends are all over the world doing different things; everybody’s on Whats App and sending emails, so I’m trying to carve out time everyday to just focus on catching up with people.But I’m also a very curious person so I’m easily distracted by things.“It’s amazing to see how this film [Moonlight] just touches people respective of race and sexuality,” Harris says.“It’s something that strips all of these labels we apply to ourselves or what society applies to us.

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