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There were rumours of the singer, 39, "flirting" with last year's winner Matt Terry as the pair shared a close bond as mentor and mentee.

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The singer was also reduced to tears over 20-year-old Grace Davies's original song Roots – but it soon emerged that Grace was far from your average hopeful, having already signed to a record label and sung with Olly Murs.

pic.twitter.com/Sdm FVege Qb I’m so incredibly proud and inspired by my friend @mo_villa1, his positive outlook, his desire to help other people and his bravery. Started my day off right with my lit bros song @Jahmene soundcloud.com/jahmenedouglas…

Please watch this short documentary about his condition. Your talent and vision may be underestimated but your gift, voice and purpose are unfathomable #stillsurrender #faith #love Have a blessed day everyone 🙏🏽🌺 “So proud of my BFF for her work in trying to help others.

She has been giving her all out support to the only boy left on her watch. s Facebook page, a short clip featured a brief interview with Matt and Nicole.? There she was, hot cup of tea, on my sofa, [wearing a] onesie, and it was just incredible.?

Weeks ago on elimination night, Simon Cowell looked aghast when Nicole straddled Matt onstage on results night. t have a day out with their respective coaches, but had instead spent the day with their friends, family and even their country? I went back to my old work, I went back to my old flat; Nicole surprised me,?

Here’s everything you need to know about the tennis player: Ranked number 11 in the tennis world, Grigor has become the most successful tennis player from Bulgaria.

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