Who is paula abdul dating 2016


You are the reason why I'd like to go in South Korea to see you in personal (to take a picture with you oppa! hi lee I am an lndian and you are the first boy for whom I say cute ? Just thinking about you makes me ssoooooooo vvvveeeerrrrryyyyyy mmmmuuuucccchhhh happy!!! Can't wait for his new drama with Suzy and movie VIP. (I’m not joking, that’s true) and you’re so handsome :) especially if you smile. please please make hindi or english dubbing of your drama. But after watching his dramas and movies, I become his #1 fan, he has acting skill and very talented. Hi Lee , I am from India , I saw ur drama I can hear your voice the main part of this drama a student how to understand a elder girl bcoz today's day it's not true but l like ur acting in this drama both of u cares each other. You make me believe that everything is possible if you put love and effort in everything you do, you are my most favorite Korean actors always and for most!! )) I absolutely fell in love with his acting in W and now I am binge-watching all of his appearances (even had to check his appearance as a chicken-customer in Bok Joo x D) to reminisce and admire. At first, I don't like him, his fashion a little bit feminine. I really really love your acting skills, especially of the film Doctor Stranger (it makes my heart beats fast) and W.. Stay Healthy :) and More Films, Movies and Awards to come Idol :) I just knew it..first time i saw him in I Hear Your Voice. your eyes and smile is the best features of yours.... when you wing, smile and make that sound you look cool.... I do not know if anybody told you this but, when you smile your eyes will sparkle giving a mischief look which you had done a lot in W..... Lee Jong Suk Oppa, rock this world I would be satisfied with him being the only actor in Korea. Imagine BOV without Min Ho - you can't do it, neither can I. Can't wait to your very first serial killer role in VIP. I'm exactly 10 years younger than you, I was also born in September. SARANGHAEYO :) I love every movies and dramas you do. You are still young, Hope you will be more successful and acclaimed actor in the future.

Hands down my all time favorite from him is Doctor Stranger! It's sad he didn't like his acting in Doctor Stranger. They're always beyond amazing, the music, plot, etc. He's my inspiration in studying his wink kills me a lot oh no ^^ his leading ladies we're so lucky.. :) Lee Jong Suk if i see you in person then, that day will be the greatest day of my life :)... Thats why i need you to work on more projects to see more of you good health and luck for years ahead ♡ from a sincere fan.

I look forward to seeing him as a villain in his next drama. He already improved a lot since his first drama and for sure he will be one of the best Korean actors in the near future. please please make hindi or english dubbing of your drama.

Ijust want to say that you're sooo amazing just the way you are your smile and gestures really pound my heartbeat fast ... Although W was incredible and School 2013 placed third on my personal favorites' list, Doctor Stranger was certainly my ultimate favorite.

Not to mention he is so handsome and charming and a bit blunt(? He is so talented in every drama I've watched just like in his movies! Lee Jong Suk is sooo handsome, adorakable, and such a dork. Although Pinnochio's plot and characters were a bit irritating, I still managed to watch through the drama =.= Anyways, I cant bring myself to watch W, even though I loveee Lee Jong Suk's Drama. 1 Fan from Philippines ughh i really can't stand a day without looking at your pictures and without watching your videosss Omg Lee Jong Suk is really really handsome and a very talented person i wish someday i'll meet him. His acting is so perfect,from his charming looks,manly voice lovely eyes,perfect body. Looking to see him more on screen in the near future..so excited to see him portrying as a villain in his upcoming movie V. Seeing your drama i felt you r wonderful as a person,there is something in you thats very special,and you are damn cute♡.i started with I hear your voice ended up with now i am just sad that i have seen it all :(. I cried a lot when ever you were hurt in the drama , especially in the 3 episodes.

Loved his acting in I Hear Your Voice and Pinnochio. I wish there is another drama that you and hhj were the actor and actress. Stay Healthy :) and More Films, Movies and Awards to come Idol :) From your no. love from ur biggest fan in the Philippines The first ever actor i am dying for... Sad to say ive finished them all down to W two worlds... I was so moved.among all dramas and actors and actresses i was moved by you Lee jong suk. Tears went rolling down my check when you fainted in the bus stop in the last episode.

And also, Im done watching 'While You Were Sleeping, W-Two worlds, and V. , I am from Philippines and i love listening K-POP Music , and i tried to watch some drama's in Korea, Then i've watched your W. I really wanna study hard in learning korean language. it's my first time to watch Pinocchio , Doctor Stranger, really appreciate your good acting skills, from that time I've been following all your tv shows, films,etc. And Now his korean drama "W-Two Worlds" become one of my favorite ...

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