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The course of the river has often been described as the boundary between the Midlands and the north of England.

This may indeed indicate a river that is prone to flooding.

However, a more likely explanation may be that it was considered to be a river that could be crossed principally by means of fords, i.e. This may explain the presence of the Celtic element rid (c.f.

Welsh rhyd, "ford") in various place names along the Trent, such as Hill Ridware, as well as the Old English‐derived ford.

Consequently – like Volkswagen with the Golf or BMW with the 3 Series or Porsche with the 911 – when it came to replacing the outgoing Fiesta with a new generation, Ford has opted not to drastically tamper with the formula.

In fact, although the car ultimately earns an ‘all-new’ differentiation from its predecessor, some of it could rightly be described as a far-reaching overhaul rather than a white-space rethink.

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Equally clumsy is the feeble attempt to accurately document the torture and humiliation endured by closeted military personnel resulting from the hypocritical policies 20 years ago that required gay soldiers to hide their sexual orientation in exchange for the freedom to serve without harassment.

After two fatal accidents occur in their close-knit squadron in a very narrow margin of time, their whole unit becomes the focus of an investigation by the NCIS.

At the same time, a third pilot named Matt Blackwood (Rob Mayes) arrives on the aircraft carrier, bonds with Dan and becomes a wedge between him and his bunkmate Will.

Their attraction is as inexplicable as it is sudden.

Will is hurt and baffled, but as the government sleuth sent to uncover the truth about the deaths of their shipmates begins to observe, Matt becomes a real threat to Will’s friendship with Dan and a serious competitor for their promotion to the space program.

Its source is in Staffordshire on the southern edge of Biddulph Moor.

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