Who is vickie winans dating

Watch below: 68 Responses “Donnie Mc Clurkin’s Big Mouth And Neagative Comments About Homosexuals Got Him Kicked Off The Line For A Civil Rights Celebration For The 50th Anniversary Of The March On Washington!!!

An American Singer, Pastor, and Actor, Marvin Winans is famous for albums like 2001's "Friends".

Award-winning singer Vickie Winans (born Viviane Bowman) began her career when she was a kid, performing with family.

Born the seventh child of a still-growing family, Winans was raised in Detroit, Michigan.

Watch Marvin Winans clown him after his remarks about being gay.

He says he would have never allowed him to stay in his home with his two sons had he known about Donnie!

Bacily if the dude is ugly Donnie is delivered, but if he is good looking Donnie sits that so-called salvation down until after he gets it in good.

As we previously reported, Winans claims he was approached by 4 men ... Winans' rep released a statement saying, "The issue is being addressed ...

Marvin -- whose family members are gospel music legends -- reportedly lost his driving privileges on May 9th after failing to pay 2 tickets issued back in December ...

one for impeding traffic and the other from a previous driving on a suspended license incident.

Sarah Massey, the spokeswoman for the Commission, was not in the office today. A representative from Mayor Vincent Gray’s office told the Blade they would look into the matter. Vickie Winans threaten to sue Donnie for running off at his mouth about her in the past.

Now the so called former gay man’s words has gotten removed for a Civil Right Celebration platform larger than the church.

The couple has been blessed with two sons, named Marvin Jr.

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