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The character's death early in the war and the prophecies surrounding him demonstrated that all Trojan efforts to defend their home would be in vain.His symbolic significance is evidenced by linguistic analysis of his Greek name "Troilos".On another level, Troilus' fate can also be seen as foreshadowing the subsequent deaths of his murderer Achilles, and of his nephew Astyanax and sister Polyxena, who, like Troilus, die at the altar in at least some versions of their stories.Given this, it is unfortunate that the Cypria—the part of the Epic Cycle that covers the period of the Trojan War of Troilus' death—does not survive.Sophocles was one of the writers to tell this tale.

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Despite his youth he is one of the main Trojan war leaders. In a popular addition to the story, originating in the 12th century, Troilus falls in love with Cressida, whose father has defected to the Greeks.A prophecy says that Troy will not fall if Troilus lives into adulthood.So the goddess Athena encourages the Greek warrior Achilles to seek him out early in the Trojan War.The youth is known to take great delight in his horses.Achilles ambushes him and his sister Polyxena when he has ridden with her for water from a well in the Thymbra – an area outside Troy where there is a temple of Apollo.Within the medieval tradition, Troilus was regarded as a paragon of the faithful courtly lover and also of the virtuous pagan knight.

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