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He said: "The vast majority of the people we try to help are on the streets through a number of unfortunate events. In general people don't choose homelessness as a lifestyle.

The club's website lists Philippa Morgan as head coach of the organisation and Peter Fletcher as the club manager.Mr Benson said: "During a productive, private meeting with Healthwatch I said that a very small minority of homeless people might choose homelessness as a lifestyle choice."I am fully aware the vast majority of homeless people are there due to mental health issues or other personal problems." The chairman previously worked as Deputy Chief Constable at Essex Police."All the evidence and experience we have tells us people end up in difficult situations for a whole range of reasons."Healthwatch would not see it as a lifestyle choice, it's very much about circumstances and people's experience of breakdowns or having housing problems." Mr Pinfield added that Healthwatch Worcestershire twice asked whether Mr Benson wanted to retract his statements before making the minutes public."A formal repayment plan must be put in place to allow the conflicted trustee and general manager to make good the £10,000 losses incurred as a consequence of their actions.

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