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If you have second thoughts and move back in together, even for a brief period, your separation must start all over again.

You would not be eligible for divorce until a year has passed from the time you separated again, after the attempted reconciliation.

If you eventually file for divorce on grounds of voluntary separation instead, the process becomes a bit more complicated.

A judge can't grant your divorce unless a third party appears at your hearing to confirm that you've indeed lived apart for a year.

Sorting through all the laws and rules pertaining to each can be daunting, but the method of separation you choose comes down to a few basics: your personal preferences, your ability to negotiate and how you got married.

Divorce is a significant step and sometimes spouses like to take it slowly.

Not all states recognize legal separation, however, a judicial process that governs your responsibilities and obligations until you're ready to end your marriage entirely.

If you and your spouse still get along well enough to negotiate and your desire to separate is mutual, West Virginia recognizes separation agreements.

A separation agreement is an enforceable contract between you and your spouse.

The court can address issues such as support, custody and property division, and it can make orders governing these things during your separation.

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