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Counter to what many have touted, it turns out self-publishing is especially sensitive to genre consistency.

Over the past two years, there were a number of minor fads and trends that had authors jumping from epic fantasy to fairytale retellings, to urban fantasy all within the space of six months.

But because Tyson was so good, routinely knocking out opponents in the first or second... It happened this year as many pundits and Sixers fans questioned whether...

The NBA Draft is a week away and major trades are expected to go down in the days before and after the big day. His best buddy from the 1980s Celtics is Kevin Mc Hale.

It seems like turn of the century stuff, but one of Kim Kardashian's first high-profile boyfriends was NFL player Reggie Bush (for the record the 'Bush and the Tush' era lasted from 2007-10). Interesting enough was the fact that during the pre-draft process, Ainge placed more praise on Jaylen Brown than any other prospect....

That relationship was the first in a long line of Kardashian family - athlete pairings that kept the US... The Boston sports scene and the NBA are both cruel worlds.

Danny Ainge and the Celtics’ fan base should no longer be in a rush, because for the 29 teams in the league that do not reside in the Bay Area and do not have four potential future Hall of Famers in their starting lineup – the 2016-17 NBA season was basically canceled on Fourth of July weekend. Expect the Celtics' win total projection for the 2016-17 season to jump to at least 50.0 thanks to their free agent signing of Al Horford this past weekend. Danny Ainge shipped out Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett for the Nets’ draft picks just three years ago this week, but all the talk around town and in basketball circles right now is centered around the fact that Ainge and Celtics owner Wyc... Le Bron James was seen squeezing Kevin Love tight on Sunday night.

Trying to predict court outcomes during the Deflategate saga has been next to impossible, even for lawyers.

In the beginning, BIG PUBLISHING said, ‘Let there be genres,’ and there were genres, and lo, the publisher saw that it was good.

Enter the era of insta-hey-look-I-published-a-book. All the old rules (ostensibly) went out the window. Who needed fans of the cozy mystery genre to discover our books in the urban fantasy genre? Sure, we might lose some people if we went a while (okay years) without publishing something in our audiences’ preferred genre. As long as we just keep hitting that ‘Publish Your Book’ button, we can publish whatever we want in any genre we want. Interestingly, what I’ve learned from years of working in publishing and studying how it works is that we might have let excitement cloud our vision.

On the one hand, authors developed some momentum in KENP pages read and attracted new fans.

However, in every competitive analysis I’ve done on authors who self-publish, those who started with a primary genre and stuck with it for 90% of their books over a 3-4 year period had the best book rankings, author rankings, social media followings, and Google name recognition.

The agent then publisher invested a lot of time, thought, and care into helping the author choose a genre. While brand loyalty was great for book sales, it wasn’t always so easy on the authors.

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