Xbox shared video not updating


Normally, when you turn your Xbox One off, it just goes into a low-power standby mode so you can say "Xbox, on" to Kinect the next time you want to use it and it will boot up super fast.

A simple method to fix all of these problems and more that usually works is to do a full system reboot.

Remember also that it's possible the first time you use any Media streaming server it might have to re-build / refresh the library - and it might even do some transcoding on the fly when not necessary --this is usually the cause of jerky playback on DNLA devices.

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The server shows up on my TV with the proper categories but the list is always empty.

No edited data in media player appears at all even after selecting "Apply media information changes".

However, at least files that have been deleted no longer show up in a search. Hi there Did you remember to ENABLE MEDIA STREAMING in the settings -- In W10 it's turned off by default.

A few examples people have been saying is wrong with their console is failure for the Kinect to hear their voice, failure of voice commands, and disc drive problems.

If you have experienced problems like these or others please feel free to comment below.

Still working on the lack of updates to the streaming media information after changing it in media player. The metadata issue appears to be connected with the indexing service.

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