Zoe deschanel dating

The bump appears to be au natural, as Deschanel isn’t currently pregnant in the show.

Deschanel has kept mum on a second pregnancy, despite numerous reports last month she and husband Jacob Pechenik are expecting again.

While some fans would love nothing more than to see these "(500) Days of Summer" co-stars get together in real life, the "Dark Knight Rises" actor told It’s awkward when people say that. We guess we shouldn't be so surprised, considering Deschanel -- who split from husband Ben Gibbard last fall -- has recently been spotted kissing new boyfriend Jamie Linden.

She’s turned me on to so many good movies and so much good music.

Let’s do that.’ I grew up loving French New Wave movies, and so a lot of what I like is that style. Somebody asked me, ‘How did you start doing comedy?

It’s just about doing what you like so that when you look at yourself, you’re not disgusted. ’ and I was like, ‘By being unintentionally funny.’ I think making a movie or a record, the best things happen by accident—and those end up being the magic.

The “New Girl’ star sits down for the February issue of Glamour to share her thoughts on weight in Hollywood, working on TV and more.

On the success of New Girl and making the jump from movies to television: “I’m just going where the material is.

” RELATED STORY: Zooey Deschanel Was “Excited” About the Perks of Flying with a Baby: “Traveling Is Really Hard” FROM COINAGE: The True Cost of Famous TV Apartments While it will take some time to determine whether Deschanel’s new son will follow in his sister’s fashionable footsteps, Elsie has carved quite the style path for her new little sibling.There are a lot of actresses who are unhealthy-skinny—much, much too skinny. I’m a very small person, and if I lost 15 pounds, I’d look like them; it’s scary. The actress, 37, was spotted on the set of “New Girl” in Los Angeles with her growing belly visible underneath a flowing red top.Zooey just filed legal docs saying she just can't fit the appearance into her schedule, her lawyer saying, "Ms.Deschanel is a well-known actress with an extremely extensive and complicated work schedule." As they say ... She did, and the judge said Zooey has to appear ... The couple already has an 18-month-old daughter named Elsie Otter.

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